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Everyone Hates Marketers is a top 1% podcast, with guests like Seth Godin, Joanna Wiebe, or Mark Ritson. It's reached 1M+ downloads organically.

Every week, Louis Grenier interviews guests who share no-fluff, actionable marketing insights so you can stand the f*ck out—without being sleazy.

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[BEST OF] How to Experiment Quickly & Find HUGE Wins (5 Steps)

Is your organization too afraid of trying new things?Do you have an idea for an experiment but are not sure how to pitch it to your boss?Let’s change that.My guest tod...

[BEST OF] The Most Effective Way to Generate Demand

Most marketers focus on lead generation but it is enough?There's another step in your marketing system that comes first: demand generation. While lead generation is a ...

[BEST OF] How to Create a Go-to-Market Strategy (5 Steps)

What is a go-to-market strategy, exactly?In today’s episode, we’ll define the term in details and dive into the real, actionable steps to design an effective go-to-mar...

[BEST OF] How to Stay Relevant in Business: 3 Tips to Remain Competitive

How do some companies stay on the top while others go out of business?The answer is change. If you want to move forward in business you have to embrace adaptation. In ...

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