25 Years of (Product-Led) Growth: Actionable B2B Lessons From Leah Tharin

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Leah Tharin, a B2B growth veteran with 25 years of experience, rips apart the bullshit and delivers actionable insights you can actually use. No jargon. No fluff. She breaks down what PLG (Product-Led Growth) really means and how to make it work for you, even if you're not a SaaS unicorn.
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (03:03) - What would be product-led growth and sales-led growth if they were a board game
  • (08:03) - Cutting through the jargon 
  • (11:57) - Breaking down product-led growth
  • (15:38) - Breaking down sales-led growth
  • (17:22) - When to choose between PLG or SLG
  • (19:55) - Step-by-step guide with a sales-led company
  • (29:21) - What is the most difficult scenario for a sales-led company
  • (37:23) - The 4 categories of people you need to serve
  • (39:30) - How to identify the key "aha" moment
  • (58:23) - Summary
  • (01:00:07) - Leah's top 3 resources


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25 Years of (Product-Led) Growth: Actionable B2B Lessons From Leah Tharin
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