This Rookie Won Over Celebs, Grew to 300k Fans, & Became #1 in Her Niche [Here’s How]

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A mother of three and author, Rosey Davidson is the Founder and CEO of Just Chill Baby Sleep, a UK-based infant sleep consultancy specialising in straightforward, no-BS advice for parents. Starting her business from her kitchen table, Rosey won over celebs, grew to 300k fans, and has risen to become the UK's top Sleep Consultant.

Topics Covered:
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (02:46) - About Rosey Davidson and her business escapade
  • (06:30) - Identifying the right audience: strong pain points and urgent needs vs those with "nice-to-have" products or services
  • (08:17) - Adapting and transitioning your business model in response to market changes
  • (08:51) - Leveraging targeted marketing in local communities
  • (11:13) - Agility and prompt response to market demands as success facilitators
  • (19:03) - Leveraging intuition and confidence for business success
  • (30:30) - Building relationships with influencers
  • (36:28) - Understanding and nurturing your audience


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This Rookie Won Over Celebs, Grew to 300k Fans, & Became #1 in Her Niche [Here’s How]
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