How to Write a Business Book With SOUL (AI Can't Touch This!)

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I chat with Vicky Quinn Fraser about the vital role of human creativity in writing, even in an AI-dominated world. Vicky emphasizes the significance of micro books, going beyond short-lived blog posts and offering an in-depth exploration of ideas. She shares her belief that a good book should challenge readers' thoughts and offer fresh perspectives. She believes writing isn't about perfection, but starting, accepting initial drafts, and improving over time.

This is not your typical writing 101 - it's a heart-to-heart about the art and soul that AI just can't touch.

Topics Covered:
  • (00:00) - How to Write a Business Book with SOUL (AI Can't Touch This!)
  • (01:24) - Don't write a book if...
  • (05:56) - Step 1: Figure out what YOU want to say (the author's journey)
  • (09:08) - Don't forget to add this element to your business book
  • (11:48) - The one question to ask to figure out your point-of-view.
  • (12:56) - Step 2: Who's going to read that book? (The reader's journey)
  • (17:31) - Step 3: Figure out the reader's journey structure
  • (20:13) - Step 4: 3 surprising ways to beat writer's block
  • (24:01) - Chapter 9
  • (30:51) - How long does it take to write a book? If you've got 20 minutes a day, you can write a book
  • (32:26) - Step 4: What to do once your first draft is done
  • (33:45) - Step 5: Editing your book
  • (35:14) - Step 6: The group of people who must read your draft, especially when you can't afford an editor
  • (37:32) - The 10-minute trick to handle "harsh" feedback
  • (38:46) - What's the point of writing a book now that we have AI tools?
  • (42:56) - Vicky's recommendations


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Creators and Guests

Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
The French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers
Vicky Quinn Fraser 🪄📚
Vicky Quinn Fraser 🪄📚
🪄 I write about MicroBooks | Helping people with ADHD write their first Mighty MicroBook | Thinks most biz books could be a blog post | Author 💥 Trapezer
How to Write a Business Book With SOUL (AI Can't Touch This!)
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