How To Have the B*lls To Do What You REALLY Want

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Tadhg Hickey is an Irish comedian and the author of the book A Portrait Of A Piss Artist As A Young Man. His satirical humor made him sell out most of his shows touring in the UK and Ireland.

Topics Covered:

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (01:45) - The price of not following your guts
  • (06:51) - The benter Dublin vs Cork
  • (09:15) - The turning point for success
  • (15:22) - The eureka moment
  • (17:04) - Swimming upstream
  • (20:39) - The importance of self-awareness
  • (23:31) - What coming up to success looks like
  • (27:23) - The art of mixing conventions
  • (33:12) - Being successful and unknown
  • (37:26) - The SpongeBob phenomenon
  • (43:10) - Staying true to yourself
  • (49:15) - Outro


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How To Have the B*lls To Do What You REALLY Want
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