The Art & Science of Marketing Campaigns that Speak to the Brain

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In today's episode, I dove headfirst into the thrilling world of effective campaigns with none other than the Queen of behavioral science, Nancy Harhut. Together, we peeled back the curtain to reveal how we marketers can sprinkle some hardwired behavior magic into our messages so they stand the f*ck out. We unpacked the nitty-gritty and unraveled what makes us tick as humans.

Topics Covered:

  • (01:33) - Brain-Friendly Marketing Strategies.
  • (05:29) - Principle of reciprocity.
  • (13:35) - Autonomy bias in behavior.
  • (14:42) - Marketing with illusion of control.
  • (17:40) - Illusion of choice in marketing.
  • (21:06) - Rhyming phrases for credibility.
  • (24:44) - Autonomy bias examples.
  • (28:16) - Rational vs irrational needs.
  • (31:00) - Rhyming phrases in marketing.
  • (33:17) - Cognitive fluency in marketing.
  • (37:16) - Simplifying language for credibility.
  • (41:24) - Priming and spending behavior.
  • (43:28) - Pain of paying and priming.
  • (47:17) - The Goldilocks effect.
  • (48:59) - Magnetic middle and Goldilocks effect.
  • (52:53) - Redesign project failure.
  • (54:47) - Unconventional credit card marketing.
  • (58:43) - Autonomy bias and memory.

Resources Mentioned:


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Creators and Guests

Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
The French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers
Nancy Harhut
Nancy Harhut
Chief Creative Officer. Passionate about behavioral science + marketing. Speaker, writer, student of the craft.
The Art & Science of Marketing Campaigns that Speak to the Brain
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