Seth Godin's Marketing Secrets to Launching a New Business

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What would Seth Godin do if he had to launch a brand new business from scratch, anonymously, with only $1,000?

What are Seth Godin's marketing secrets?This week’s episode was a special challenge to my guest, the famous marketer, author and entrepreneur Seth Godin.

I asked him to come up with a business idea on the fly, and walk us through how he would launch an online business with $1,000 and market it to success within 3 months.

Join us as he shares his wisdom and marketing secrets to launching a successful business from the ground up.

Topics covered:
  • Choosing a small niche target audience
  • Creating and promoting valuable free content
  • Building trust to generate leads and create profit
  • Consumer culture and why everybody hates marketers
  • Advice and resources for overwhelmed marketers
Resources mentioned: 


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Louis Grenier
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Seth Godin's Marketing Secrets to Launching a New Business
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