'Oh SH*T, That's Good!' — 5 Ways to Craft Unignorable Content

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"I don't write the things like, "Are you struggling to get more leads?" That's not interesting or fun. I don't think anyone reads that and says, "Oh, I need to read more!!"

Content marketing powerhouse Amanda Natividad joins me to discuss how to create "Oh sh*t, that's good" content. She's the VP of Marketing for SparkToro (Rand Fishkin's latest baby). She has ten years of experience in marketing across many, many different fields. But don't call her an influencer.

Topics covered:
  • (00:00) - Creating Content That Screams 'Oh Sh*t, That's Good!' (5 Steps)
  • (01:34) - The problem with our obsession with algorithms
  • (02:31) - Choosing between high-quality content and "clickbait" content
  • (09:24) - How does Amanda seem to "do it all?"
  • (12:46) - A typical week for Amanda
  • (13:54) - Preparing a few pieces of content
  • (16:20) - Where does Amanda store her content ideas?
  • (17:39) - The difference between "Oh shit that's good" and "Oh shit that's nice"
  • (21:04) - How does Amanda lean on her intuition?
  • (21:52) - How to turn ideas into actual content?
  • (23:34) - How does Amanda write such good content? 4 insights.
  • (27:52) - Using templates vs. heuristics
  • (28:34) - The ONE question to ask yourself when creating content
  • (30:39) - Amanda's writing process
  • (31:23) - SparkToro's social media calendar
  • (32:36) - Trying to "ship something" every day
  • (34:49) - How to get most out of the content she produces?
  • (38:53) - Amanda's involvement in SparkToro's strategy
  • (41:50) - Top 3 resources recommended by Amanda
  • (43:16) - How to connect wiwth Amanda


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Creators and Guests

Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
The French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers
Amanda Natividad
Amanda Natividad
VP Marketing at SparkToro, the brains behind Zero-Click Content.
'Oh SH*T, That's Good!' — 5 Ways to Craft Unignorable Content
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