How to Shake Up Industries That Hate Change (4 Principles)

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Stacey Schumacher, founder of the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP), knows how tough it is to bring new ideas to old-school industries. In this episode, she shares four basic rules that helped her change animal protection for the better. If you're trying to shake things up, Stacey's story and advice might just be what you need.

Topics Covered:
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (01:10) - A crusade against euthanasia and corporate America
  • (05:48) - A new approach to animal welfare
  • (08:59) - The affordable solution to pet care
  • (10:28) - Why nonprofits struggle to revolutionise veterinary care
  • (15:10) - Challenging conventional workplace wisdom
  • (17:35) - Staying true to the cause
  • (19:20) - How sticking to your niche can save your career and sanity
  • (23:40) - Keep it simple in a complex world
  • (28:00) - How a simple promotion turned into a consumer confusion catastrophe
  • (29:44) - Customer service lessons from Southwest Airlines and Chick-fil-A
  • (31:30) - The unconventional way to create a culturally rich workplace
  • (34:12) - Stacey’s resources


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Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
The French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers
Stacey Schumacher
Stacey Schumacher
Founder and Executive Director of Texas Coalition for Animal Protection
How to Shake Up Industries That Hate Change (4 Principles)
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