How to Embrace Your Weirdness & Make Money From It

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Chrissy Flanagan is an innovative and weird political adviser turned "Sausage Queen" and founder of Chaotic Social. After her long-term relationship ended, Chrissy sought new connections in a pottery class but found herself feeling isolated. This inspired her to create a unique social platform for adults to meet and bond over unconventional hobbies. 

Chrissy's classes, ranging from creepy doll making to beginner's stand-up comedy, are more than just learning experiences; they're a novel way to develop friendships in adulthood. Her approach is a breath of fresh air in adult socializing, making her a visionary in creating new forms of community.

Topics Covered:
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (01:45) - From political playgrounds to 4 AM faxes
  • (06:47) - The incredible journey of Sydney's most weird entrepreneur
  • (08:36) - How embracing your true weirdness can lead to unassailable success
  • (12:18) - ADHD? Autism? No problems
  • (20:55) - The radical social experiment in community building
  • (26:38) - The art of inclusion and exclusion in marketing
  • (33:20) - Chrissy's marketing genius behind the sausage factory
  • (36:38) - Transforming failure into a unique social phenomenon
  • (43:37) - How to turn a pub, choirs, and sewing classes into a social sensation
  • (51:41) - From obscurity to viral sensation
  • (57:55) - The surprising marketing strategy ignored by adults but mastered by kids


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Louis Grenier
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Chrissy Flanagan
Chrissy Flanagan
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How to Embrace Your Weirdness & Make Money From It
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