How to Craft a Life & Career That Lights You Up (F*ck The Playbooks)

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Paul Millerd, author of "The Pathless Path," shares his unconventional journey of designing a life and career that lights him up. Tune in for some eye-opening insights and refreshingly honest perspectives, including:
  • The surprising things people confessed to Paul about their dissatisfaction with work, even in high-paying jobs
  • How Paul made the leap from a successful corporate career to pursue what made him feel truly alive
  • The unexpected truth about the relationship between money and the willingness to take risks in career and life
  • Paul's candid perspective on the challenges and rewards of trying to get paid for doing what you love
  • The key realization Paul had about what makes work feel genuinely fulfilling and meaningful
If you're looking to blaze your own unique career path and create a life that lights you up, Paul's experiences and insights offer valuable food for thought. His story challenges conventional notions of success and invites you to consider what really matters to you in your work and life.
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (01:58) - What's Paul's core idea behind the Pathless Path
  • (05:34) - The process behind the interviews
  • (10:33) - Is money important to change career path
  • (14:55) - How doing what you like can push your career
  • (18:24) - Discovering what makes you feel alive
  • (27:14) - The unconventional launch of The Pathless Path
  • (31:36) - The importance of genuine connection with people
  • (39:16) - What are your yearnings?
  • (45:02) - Is the traditional script being overwrote
  • (51:11) - Summary
  • (52:48) - Top 3 resources


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How to Craft a Life & Career That Lights You Up (F*ck The Playbooks)
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