How to Build an Authentic Social Presence Without Sounding Like a Bro

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Meet Erica Schneider, the incredible force and wordsmith phenomenon who's reshaping the marketing world with her authentic, no-BS approach. As the former Head of Content at Grizzle and current Co-Founder and Instructor at Power Your Platform, Erica's impact on the industry is undeniable. 

With over 3 million words under her belt, she's a revolution in action. Her anti-bro, anti-clickbait stance is not just refreshing; it's a breath of fresh air in a market often clouded by gimmicks.

Topics Covered:
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (03:33) - Bros, barbells, and bullsh*t
  • (05:01) - The hidden pitfalls of online templates
  • (07:49) - Branding vs platform
  • (15:32) - The raw and real guide to being yourself in a world of fakes and sales pitches
  • (20:53) - How to push through fear and f*cking post something
  • (23:18) - A no-BS guide to discovering your true talents
  • (27:15) - From self-discovery to mastering the art of writing
  • (30:15) - How to win the internet with your writing
  • (32:24) - Be specific in a world of boring broadness
  • (34:14) - Double your email game
  • (36:12) - Crafting the perfect pitch
  • (38:04) - Balance intent, storytelling, and real engagement
  • (40:39) - The bold truth about starting before you're ready
  • (43:13) - Erica’s top three resources
  • (44:13) - Where can you connect with Erica?


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Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
The French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers
Erica Schneider
Erica Schneider
Co-Founder and Instructor at Power Your Platform
How to Build an Authentic Social Presence Without Sounding Like a Bro
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