How to Navigate the Most Uncertain Time in History (While Becoming Less Anxious & Avoiding Burnout)

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In this episode, I chatted with Sam Conniff, the creator of Uncertainty Experts. We dove deep into why it's so crucial to acknowledge and handle life's uncertainties. Sam also shared his unique approach to understanding uncertainty. One of the highlights was learning about his partnership with a science lab focused on making more thoughtful choices during unpredictable times.

Topics mentioned:

[00:01:41] Coping with uncertainty.
[00:04:22] Uncertainty Expert framework.
[00:07:00] Taking risks in marketing.
[00:10:00] Dealing with uncertainty.
[00:13:39] Framework for uncertainty.
[00:16:21] Getting past fear, fog, and stasis.
[00:19:11] Uncertainty tolerance.
[00:22:40] Emotional regulation in uncertainty.
[00:26:10] Gut instinct and intuition.
[00:28:01] Embodied cognition and intuition.
[00:31:10] Marketing under extreme pressure.
[00:34:19] Conviction narrative theory.
[00:37:25] Overcoming negative thoughts.
[00:40:31] Embracing uncertainty.
[00:44:38] Overcoming adversity.
[00:47:19] Overcoming negativity bias.
[00:50:57] Connection: the key to getting unstuck.
[00:53:43] Connection and its importance.
[00:56:54] Negative space of advertising.
[01:02:31] Importance of language in marketing.
[01:03:06] Marketing as a force for good.

Resources mentioned:


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Creators and Guests

Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
The French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers
Sam Conniff 🏴‍☠️
Sam Conniff 🏴‍☠️
Creator of #UncertaintyExperts & Author of "Be More Pirate"
How to Navigate the Most Uncertain Time in History (While Becoming Less Anxious & Avoiding Burnout)
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