Elevate Your Voice: How to Craft a Brand Presence That Clings Like a Fart in a Lift

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"Your brand voice should be like a fart in a lift... Absolutely, inescapably, everywhere."

This quote sets the stage for this episode with Bethany Joy, a brand voice strategist. We talk about finding your voice as a brand and making it stick, the symptoms of a poor brand voice, the importance of authenticity, and how to embed your voice into your business. Tune in to learn how to find your brand's voice and make it... absolutely, inescapably, everywhere.

Topics covered:
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (01:10) - Main symptoms of a poor voice
  • (03:22) - Why a good brand voice is like a fart in a lift
  • (05:36) - Third mistake: leaning on the wrong things
  • (06:39) - Values = bullshit
  • (07:17) - Specificity ftw
  • (08:26) - You already have a voice (unless you use interpretative dance)
  • (10:20) - Why your voice can't be dictated by your customers
  • (14:00) - First step to redefining your voice: audit
  • (18:10) - Why getting an outside perspective might help
  • (21:54) - Secondn step to redefining your voice: competitors
  • (23:26) - Third to step to redefining your voice: see & feel
  • (30:39) - How to define a brand voice parameter
  • (34:46) - Examples of brand voice parameters
  • (38:22) - Fourth step to redifining your voice: roadmapping
  • (41:04) - How to get decision makers on board
  • (43:20) - Proving ROI for brand voice work is a b*tch
  • (47:50) - What should we learn today that will help us in the next 10, 20, or 50 years?
  • (48:41) - Top 3 resources Beth recommends
  • (50:19) - How to connect with Beth


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Elevate Your Voice: How to Craft a Brand Presence That Clings Like a Fart in a Lift
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