[BEST OF] How to Stop Marketing With Your Ego

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When you’re pressed to deliver results, it’s tempting to chase the new, shiny trends. But to be an effective, no-BS marketer, you need to have the conviction to say “No.”

This week we have Edward Nevraumont, an experienced marketing consultant who has worked with companies like Expedia, A Place For Mom, and General Assembly.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to find and execute ideas with efficiency, calculate the true ROI of your marketing activities, and spark real success.

Topics covered
  • Why most marketing is bullsh*t? (and examples of it)
  • Why experienced marketers often fall into the “shiny object” trap
  • Why over-obsession with personalization can backfires
  • Why Edward takes a stand for effective, no-bs marketing
  • 4-step processes to build a solid no-BS marketing team
  • How to figure out the ROI of marketing channels
  • How branding can help improve your other marketing metrics
  • How to identify your most profitable customers
  • What Edward think marketers should learn in 5, 10, and 50 years
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[BEST OF] How to Stop Marketing With Your Ego
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