10 Steps to Reposition Your Product When Your Customers Don’t “Get it”

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What do you do if your customers just don't "get" your product?

My guest today is Jane Portman, UI design expert, and co-founder of Userlis.

We talked about why Userlist initial positioning didn't work, and the ten steps Jane and the Userlist team took to develop a new product positioning.

From recruiting customers, to running customer interviews, and discovering the patterns and themes amongst qualitative data.

Topics covered:
  • Why Userlist changed their product positioning
  • The steps Jane took to start improving their product positioning
  • How Jane scheduled customer interviews
  • The customer research questions that led to the best insights
  • Why understanding your product’s “true competitive alternative” is important, and how to find them
  • How to figure out positioning internally
  • The difference between “attributes” and “features”
  • How to cluster attributes and features into “themes”
  • Using card sorting exercise as a product positioning
  • The biggest mistake Jane made when she tried to launch her previous products
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10 Steps to Reposition Your Product When Your Customers Don’t “Get it”
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