How To Get a Damn Marketing Job

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Step into the arena with Erika Klics, “a self-proclaimed SaaS nerd, unapologetic LinkedIn addict, and Job Search Strategist for the Tech Industry”. With a track record of spearheading talent drives for powerhouses like Zapier, she's not your average strategist; she's the real-deal guide for cutting through the cluttered job market.

In this episode, Erika spills the beans on landing top-tier marketing roles in a highly competitive field. If you're a marketer tired of fluff and looking for a clear path to success, this episode is your no-bullshit battle plan!

Topics Covered:
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (02:12) - The Art of Job Search: Beyond Just Selling Yourself
  • (08:12) - Erika's Pro Tips: Turnaround Skills and the Secret to Success
  • (10:13) - The Personal Blueprint: Define Your Desire and Showcase Your Strengths
  • (11:30) - Sniper’s Approach: Pinpointing Roles and Skills That Count
  • (17:55) - The Interview Ace: Deploying Success Stories as Your Secret Weapon
  • (22:01) - How to Convey Your Wins: The Habit Every Job Seeker Must Cultivate
  • (29:00) - No More Holding Back: The Assertive Mindset Revolution in Job-Hunting
  • (34:20) - The 100% Fit Fallacy: Why the Hustle Never Stops
  • (36:55) - The Golden Query: The #1 question to ask in an interview
  • (38:46) - The Job Seeker's Toolbox: Essential Resources and Communities


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Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
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Erika Klics
Erika Klics
CEO and Principal Job Search Strategist at
How To Get a Damn Marketing Job
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