How to Build A Marketing Community (Without Spam Or Pyramid Schemes)

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There’s nothing wrong with setting up a community and making money from it, but it should never be built with that at the forefront, otherwise, you run the risk of it becoming a cesspit of spam, pyramid schemes, and affiliates. A community is in no way a sales funnel – it’s a place for people to connect, talk, and network.

Today, we’re joined by Lottie Unwin, Founder of Up World & Brand Hackers, to discuss why she set up her community, how marketing has impacted her life, and the lessons she’s learned from her extensive career in the industry. She also delves into her organic growth plan, which turned out to be rather successful!

Topics Covered:
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (01:52) - Communities are set up for the wrong reasons
  • (07:08) - Revenue streams through business and communities
  • (09:19) - Lottie’s career history
  • (16:43) - Lottie’s first community
  • (21:01) - What confidence means to different people
  • (24:02) - Honesty on LinkedIn (a rare thing)
  • (31:45) - An organic growth plan
  • (34:40) - Renaming the company


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Creators and Guests

Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
The French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers
Lottie Unwin
Lottie Unwin
Start Up Marketing Expert & 2x female founder | Founder of Up World & Brand Hackers
How to Build A Marketing Community (Without Spam Or Pyramid Schemes)
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