How to Become THE Apex Marketer (7 Evolutionary Principles)

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Ditch the jargon jambalaya and grab your mental machetes. We're hacking our way to the primal, thumping core of what your people crave.

Tim Ash's a wizard at excavating deep-rooted instincts through evolutionary psychology and weaving them into marketing that works. Strap in for a wild ride to your niche, where we strip back the fluff and awaken the ancient sales tactics lying dormant within us. It's time to become the Apex Marketer.

Topics Covered:
  • (00:00) - How to Become THE Apex Marketer (7 Evolutionary Principles)
  • (03:37) - What is evolutionary psychology?
  • (06:43) - Rational vs. irrational: what it means for marketing pros.
  • (07:53) - Upside vs. downside bias
  • (11:29) - Humans are built to be tribal
  • (14:45) - Why stories help us to survive
  • (19:18) - The best thing you can do to really understand your customers
  • (22:47) - Don't do this when doing market research
  • (30:01) - Why humans always need to pick a side
  • (31:27) - Why conspiracy theorists and Mercedes drivers have in common.
  • (34:37) - Why it sometimes makes sense to make things harder to get
  • (36:51) - The "Pretty Woman" effect or why we're willing to suffer for the group
  • (41:06) - Your editorial tone can't be accidental


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Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
The French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers
Tim Ash
Tim Ash
International keynote speaker, advisor to senior executives, bestselling author, expert in marketing and evolutionary psychology
How to Become THE Apex Marketer (7 Evolutionary Principles)
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