The Dark Horse Effect: How to Create a Brand That Buries Your Competitors Alive

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In 2023 a weary customer goes missing in the thickly wooded forest of deceased, indistinguishable marketing agencies. All that can be found are decrepit and horrifying websites with ghastly logos, zombified PPC, and the rotting smell of putrid SEO.

In today's horror story, there are no safe spaces in the light; instead, we must summon the Dark Horse and ride into the darkness. Cover your eyes as we speak with John Keating and Jennifer Sloan on how polarizing your brand and slashing away the status quo can lead to spine-chilling marketing that buries your competition alive.

Topics Covered:
  • (00:00) - S3005-Jennifer and John
  • (01:38) - Why are most agencies so fucking boring?
  • (05:31) - What the previous website looked like
  • (08:37) - How market research was done
  • (13:58) - Internal pushback
  • (17:06) - Batman inspiration
  • (20:36) - Anti-hero approach
  • (23:16) - How did John get Jennifer on board?
  • (27:55) - How was the new narrative created?
  • (34:57) - Getting negative feedback on LinkedIn from a client
  • (39:38) - Direct mail campaign pushback
  • (43:50) - What was the mood like during the rebrand?
  • (46:12) - What happened when the new brand went live?
  • (49:53) - Did the agency go bankrupt?
  • (51:52) - Top 3 recommended resources
  • (55:28) - How to connect with Jennifer and John


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Creators and Guests

Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
The French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers
Jennifer Szczepaniak Sloan
Jennifer Szczepaniak Sloan
Head of no-nonesense marketing at Dark Horse
John Keating
John Keating
Founder and MD at Dark Horse. A bullsh*t free digital marketing agency that cuts through the noise.
The Dark Horse Effect: How to Create a Brand That Buries Your Competitors Alive
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