A CEO’s Guide to Building a No-BS Personal Brand (& Reviving a Dying Business)

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He transformed his online education business from losing money to profiting several million dollars in a year by revisiting and refining his strengths in personal branding. After a bold and probably crazy decision, including a complete team restructuring, he turned his business around. His name? Jonathan Goodman. The Founder of Personal Trainer Development Center and Author of Ignite the Fire joins me today to share how he managed to save his business and reach success.

Topics Covered:
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (02:35) - The Obvious Choice
  • (04:50) - From fitness mentor to million-dollar empire
  • (06:21) - Ego, pandemic profits, and lessons learned
  • (14:58) - The absurdity of chasing profits without a plan
  • (18:59) - Embrace the basics and stay consistent
  • (23:00) - One seminar, DVD, or online course at a time
  • (26:56) - Make yourself the star of your brand
  • (33:49) - The art of reinventing success
  • (39:53) - Play your own game to beat Michael Jordan


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Creators and Guests

Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier
The French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers
Jonathan Goodman
Jonathan Goodman
Fitness, business, and baseball cards. Author (189k sold) | Owner: https://t.co/Iz7tMSsMdk (34k users) | Host: Obvious Choice Pod | Investor: https://t.co/ikJX5QyR60
A CEO’s Guide to Building a No-BS Personal Brand (& Reviving a Dying Business)
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